Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Colloquium

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM sharp at LBNL in the Building 50 Auditorium

We try to maintain a biweekly schedule, but other events frequently cause schedule shifts. Actual dates are listed below.


Front-line science builds on new ideas, but also relies on breakthrough instrumentation. Many activities in the Berkeley scientific community are directed towards developing advanced measurement techniques and instrumentation. Despite very disparate goals, some of these efforts share common problems and could benefit from sharing experience and expertise. As a first step in establishing a forum for information exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration in instrumentation research and development we are launching a bi-weekly Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Colloquium. The initial series of talks will be introductions for non-experts. We encourage participation from LBNL, UC Berkeley, and the Space Sciences Laboratory.


Next Colloquium:

Awaiting volunteer organizers, the Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Colloquium is currently on hold.

Past Presentations

(files in pdf format)


   Towards an Autonomous Ocean Carbon Observatory (9.5 MB) by James K. Bishop, Earth Sciences Division, LBNL


   Large-Scale Bolometer Arrays and Readout for Next-Generation CMB Experiments (2.1 MB) by Helmuth Spieler, Physics Division, LBNL


   Dark Matter, Neutrinos and Nonproliferation: Advanced Detectors for Nuclear Security and their Relevance for Fundamental Physics (8.4 MB) by Adam Bernstein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


   New Semiconductor Materials for High Efficiency Solar Cells (2.8 MB) by Wladek Walukiewicz, Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   25 Years of Scanning Probe Microscopes: How Instrumental Developments Revolutionized Surface Science and Nanotechnology (9.2 MB) by D. Frank Ogletree, Molecular Foundry and Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   Generation of Femtosecond X-Ray Pulses from the Advanced Light Source (7.3 MB) by Robert W. Schoenlein, Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   The Microsystems Laboratory - an Inside Look at Silicon Device Microfabrication at LBNL (18.6 MB) by Nick Palaio, Engineering Division, LBNL


   Superconducting Insertion Devices for the Next Generation of Synchrotron Radiation Sources (3.7 MB) by Soren Prestemon, Engineering Division, LBNL


   One Picture is Worth ... Solid State Imaging Detectors (3.5 MB) by Peter Denes, Engineering Division, LBNL


   Shaping the Future of Electron Microscopy: the TEAM Microscope (28 MB) by Christian Kisielowski, National Center for Electron Microscopy, LBNL


   Using Optical Metrology to Reconstruct Mechanical Sound Recordings (file of talk not available) by Carl Haber, Physics Division, LBNL


   Time Projection Chamber (TPC) R&D (11.3 MB) by Mike Ronan, Physics Division, LBNL


   How to Build Your Own Silicon Detector (11.3 MB) by Maurice Garcia-Sciveres, Physics Division, LBNL


   Electronics in the Polar Ice - The Engineering Challenges of the IceCube Optical Modules (8.2MB) by John Joseph, Engineering Division, LBNL


   Compton Telescopes for High Energy Astrophysics (4.3 MB) by Steven Boggs, Physics Dept. and Space Sciences Laboratory, UCB


   Specific Heat Measurements of Films and Tiny Crystals Using Si-micromachined Nano-calorimeters (4.9 MB) by Frances Hellman, Physics Dept., UCB and Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   Semiconductor Radiation Detector Materials - Fact versus Fiction (7.2 MB) by Eugene Haller, Materials Sciences Division, LBNL and Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, UCB


   Cancer "genomics" - Technological opportunities in cancer biology and management (7.0 MB) by Joe W. Gray, Life Sciences Division, LBNL and UCSF Cancer Center


   How to Design an Integrated Circuit (5.4 MB) by Peter Denes, Engineering Division, LBNL (If your browser doesn't display this file, try downloading it.)


   The Allen Telescope Array: A New Telescope For SETI and Radio Astronomy (13.7 MB) by Dave DeBoer, UC Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab and the SETI Institute


   3D Silicon Detectors (15.3 MB) by Sherwood Parker, Physics Department, University of Hawaii


   Molecular Electron Microscopy - Applications and Challenges (slides not available) by Ken Downing, Life Sciences Division, LBNL


   Is Anybody Out There? Instrumentation for SETI (7.3MB) by Dan Werthimer, Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley


   Who needs better nuclear detector materials and how do we find them? (5.5 MB) by Stephen E. Derenzo, Life Sciences Division, LBNL


   One-Dimensional Nanostructures as Subwavelength Optical Elements for Photonics Integration (5.4 MB) by Peidong Yang, Dept. of Chemistry, UC Berkeley and Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   The STAR Detector at RHIC (7.4 MB) by Jim Thomas, Nuclear Science Division, LBNL


   From Quarks to Quasars - Advanced Scientific CCDs (23.6 MB) by Stephen Holland, Engineering Division, LBNL


   The Superconducting QUantum Interference Device: Principles and Applications (16.2 MB) by John Clarke, Physics Department, UC Berkeley and Materials Sciences Division, LBNL


   Biological Large Scale Integration (slides not available) by Stephen Quake, Dept. of Bioengineering, Stanford University


   The ATLAS Pixel Detector (3.6 MB) by Kevin Einsweiler, Physics Division, LBNL


   Superfluid Gyroscopes - Why and How (2.6 MB) by Richard Packard, Physics Department, UC Berkeley


   Light Fantastic: The Science and Instrumentation of the Advanced Light Source by Howard Padmore, Advanced Light Source, LBNL

   Part 1: Beams (34.5 MB)

   Part 2: Experiments (13.4 MB)

   Part 2: Detectors (10.9 MB)


   Bolometers and the Big Bang (24.2 MB) by Adrian T. Lee, Physics Dept, UC Berkeley and Physics Division, LBNL


   Introduction to first Colloquium

   Nuclear Medical Imaging (9.1 MB) by W.W. Moses, Life Sciences Division, LBNL